It depends.  Some hatch as soon as the snow melts!

A common group of mosquitoes, called floodwater early spring mosquitoes, lay eggs directly on the ground in late summer. The eggs spend the entire winter under the snow; while the adult mosquitoes die. When the snow melts, the mosquitoes hatch in the meltwater and begin their life cycle, emerging as adults that start biting sometime in early May.

Towards the end of  May, the eggs of mosquitoes that need higher summer temperatures will hatch. These floodwater summertime mosquitoes account for most of those that bite us, and they usually start appearing around Memorial Day.

It’s hard to think about mosquitoes and warm weather when you are shoveling snow from your driveway; don’t let your guard down.  As soon as the snow and ice have melted from your roof, clean the debris from your gutters and remove all water from containers.

Contact Berg’s Bug Removal to get on the spring schedule.  Our barrier treatment and standing water treatment will give you a jump start on mosquito season.